Friday, January 5, 2018

Aurora Wings Images

Good Day Everyone!

Aurora Wings had a  challenge in November 2017 Contest - Anything Goes Challenge
I would love to share my card's with you today by Aurora Wings Stamps. See below for the 1st card that is named is Sisterhood:
You can find some beautiful digital drawings in the Etsy store: Just click on the link below:

**If you follow this link, to access their Face Book page: click on this link ONCE YOU HAVE OPENED FACEBOOK:  
Give this link a little click:


Meet Dandelion Sprite!  

Remember when we were kids and used to pick Dandelions out of our parents lawns?  Then of course you had to make a wish and "blow" the Dandelion spreading all those weeds to everyone's lawns!!  My wish used to come true.  How about yours?

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